Colombian Airports Reopen In Five Phases
Colombian Airports


The Director of the Aerocivil (Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics) explained that Colombian airports will reopen in five phases. However, the date that has yet to be set will not be before may 30.

For the first, only disembarkation air services will be allowed for the purpose of re-entry of passengers to the country or connections in Colombian territory. In case of humanitarian emergency, fortuitous event or force majeure, they must have the prior authorization of the Aerocivil and the Special Administrative Unit of Migration Colombia.

The resumption of commercial aviation in the country will comply with the five-phase framework. The first phase will be that of selective activation, which consists of the main airports with greater capacity starting their airport activities first. The second phase is moderate activation. The third phase is intermediate activation. The fourth phase will be the international operation and finally the fifth phase, finally, standard aviation.

These new stages will be taken into account but will be progressive and taking into account the capacity of airports in terms of number of flights per hour and complying with biosafety and social distancing measures.

icono youtubeFull statement from the Director of Aerocivil Juan Carlos Salazar.

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